5 foot Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, Circa 1890


This magnificent 5 foot antique cuckoo clock just arrived into our inventory. If you are looking for a showpiece for your cabin, lodge, restaurant, home, or collection look no further.

This clock will put a presence on any room and will a conversation piece in any environment.

Carved in the Black Forest region of Germany during the later 19th century these clocks were made to grace the walls of stately homes and hunting lodges. The carving work on this particular clock is exquisite. The stag, hunting rifles, pheasant, hare, hunters horn, game bag and tassel are all seen in the motif in full relief. On the full and half hours the large wood cuckoo bird appears behind its door to call the hour. The carved pendulum swings back and forth steadily as the cast iron pine cone weights slowly lower to the floor.

We have sold dozens of these monumental cuckoo clocks over the years, but this ones special.

It’s an untouched original example. The case has had no carving restoration of any kind yet it remains in excellent condition. The finish is also original. The clock has its original movement, original carved bone hands, original numerals on the dial, original cuckoo pipes and bellows… Very rarely do we find these clocks so untouched and preserved. It spend a half century hanging in a lake house on the east coast of the USA… And now it’s ready for another caretaker.

If your looking for an investment grade Black Forest clock this is an excellent opportunity that will not come again.

We offer long term layaway and can ship worldwide.

Contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org for more details.





A Monumental 5′ Antique Cuckoo Clock , circa 1890-1900.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of monumental Black  Forest cuckoo clocks.

When new, in Victorian times, these massive cuckoo clocks graced the walls of hunting lodges, cabins, and stately homes. The carved motifs are frequently romanticized themes of sport, and the life in the forest… Hunting, trophy stags, the pheasant, hound and hare. Hanging on the wall in a grand room a clock like this creates a statement piece… The cuckoos call draws attention to the passing hour. 

Today these grand clocks are presued by collectors worldwide. We specialize in finding these large antique clocks… If you  are interested in adding an example to your home, restaurant, lodge, or collection we can help. 

Contact me at : Justin@blackforestclocks.org 

This clock shown is a great example of a hunters cuckoo clock from the turn of the 19th century (1890-1900). The clock is massive measuring 54″ in height and 30″ wide across the gable. It’s big enough to put a presence on a grand large room. 

The motif is classic for a hunters cuckoo. The trophy stag on the pediment of oak leaves, the two hunting rifles are slung over the mount. The hunters horn circles the large dial. The pheasant and hare to the left and right of the case. The hunters game bag at the bottom with two small game birds and a tassel… All displayed in a theme of oak leaves. 

The cuckoo bird is original, carved from wood, and large…. appearing on the full and half hours. The large hands that tell the time are very detailed and carved from bone. Pine cone cast iron weights attach to the brass chains, and slowly fall to the floor  as they power the clockworks. It’s a very romantical piece of art. 

The clock retains its original cast brass movement giving time,strike, and  cuckoo call complications. 

The clock has been serviced, the case hand waxed and polished, and it’s ready for its new home. We can deliver this clock safely worldwide. 

Contact me for more details.  монтаж паркета ценапроектор купить в москвелитые диски купить б у

A Rare Black Forest Drop Dial Cuckoo and Quail Clock Under Restoration

This is a fantastic Black Forest cuckoo and quail clock that we are currently restoring.

The case is large, measuring nearly 3′ high. The quail calls the quarter hours, the cuckoo the full hours. 

This style of case is known as a “drop dial” due to the elongated case with the enclosed housing like trunk that extends far below the dial. As the pendulum swings it is visible in the glass window… against the cobalt blue backboard.

This clock was made circa 1860. The case has been fully restored in these photos, and is ready to be reassembled. 

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of rare and insults Black Forest Clocks.

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Extreamly Rare Black Forest Astronomical Clock 

This is a very special piece we just added to our collection. This clock has by far the most complications of any clock we have found to date.

The clock has the filling complications:

Time (hour minute)


Calandar with day, date, and month complications 

Moon phase 


And a celestial star chart 

We are still in the process of researching it’s maker and its origins, but it’s the only one like it we have seen to date anywhere. 

If you have seen another or have any information on the clock please contact me.foreclosure listings miamiстоимость контекстной рекламы googleпокер онлайн бесплатно

Magnificent Emilian Wehrle Trumpeter Clock 


We specialize in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of monumental Black Forest clocks. This huge heavily carved trumpeter clock plays two complex musical tunes on 8 horns. The carvings are just exquisite.

Contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org for more information.Perfectpro Cubi 2стратегия продвижения в интернетреклама яндекса

Monumental 4 Foot Hunter Cuckoo Clock circa 1890

We just finished the restoration on this huge antique cuckoo clock. We have taken a video giving an overview of this monumental piece. Check it out to get an up close look, and hear it call the full and half hour. 

We specialize in rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. If your interested in buying or selling any clock similar to those seen on my website please contact me.

I can be reached at: Justin@blackforestclocks.org miami beach luxury condoкупити курткупаркет

A Magnificent Black Forest Heavily Carved Shelf Cuckoo and Quail Clock Reatoration  

Here are a few photos of a magnificent clock we are currently restoring. The carving work on this example is just spectacular. A large full relief eagle is on the pediment with an ibex running at the base. Lots of heavy carvings on this massive clock. All the carvings are done in walnut.

This shelf cuckoo clock also has a quail complication. The quail appears through the right hand door every 15 minutes to announce the quarter hour, the cuckoo calls the full hours.

The clock has a high quality three train brass plate movement that is powered by springs.

The case is large at about 30″ high and 18″ wide.

It’s shown here with the case fully restored. All the minor losses have been repaired and the case cleaned and waxed. It has a wonderful finish and glow.

We now just have to install the finely carved bone numerals on the dial, refit the movement and the hands. We expect to have the clock back together and running by early spring. We will update our website with additional photos and a video when the work is completed. 

Finding a large heavily carved cuckoo clock of this caliber is difficult, and a cuckoo and quail is very scarce. We specialize in the restoration, acquisition, and sale of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. If your looking for a special clock for your cabin,restaurant, home or collection we can help.

Contact me at: Justin@blackforestclocks.org car cover 996 turboпосуда центр москванабор для укладки ламината цена

Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, circa 1890

Here is a nicely carved Black Forest cuckoo clock. The clock has a great motif with two lovebirds on the crest. The dial with enamel cartouches is just fantastic and hard to find. Condition is everything, and this clock is flawless. 

This clock is a great size measuring in at about 2 feet high… Perfect for someone wanting a high quality antique cuckoo clock to fit a small space. This is an affordable piece for some only looking to start a collection. 

The clock is very original with a lovely set of carved bone hands, the plump wood carved cuckoo bird has a moveable beak and wings. The movement has been freshly serviced and it is ready for years of enjoyment.

If you are interested in purchasing  this clock, or others like it, contact me at:


Flexible payment terms and worldwide delivery available.

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A Monumental Antique 4 foot Hunter Cuckoo Clock circa 1890


We specialize in locating monumental antique Black Forest clocks for clients worldwide. This piece just arrived and is fresh to our inventory.

Carved in the Black Forest region of Germany circa 1890, the carvings and detail is just exquisite. 

The stag, pheasant, and hare are beautifully done and look real. A great large clock that will put a presence on the room, but at “only” 4 feet high this clock would look great in smalle let spaces vs. many of the larger 5 foot examples we offer. 

  If your interested in adding a magnificent antique clock to your collection, home, restaurant, or cabin contact me at: 



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Monumental 5 Foot Antique Cuckoo Clock Circa 1880

This is a magnificent antique hunter cuckoo clock. The case is carved from colors walnut and it has a beautiful color. 

The large brass plate movement runs for 8 days on a winding. The clock is powered by springs, so there are no weights or chains on this example.

The clock measures over 52″ from the antlers down to the game bag, and over 30″ wide across the pediment.

We specialize in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of these monumental cuckoo clocks. 

If your looking for a museum quality example for your collection, home, cabin, or lodge… Contact me at Justin@blackforestclocks.org 

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