Antique Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha Model 372

372 main

Here is a magnificent Beha cuckoo clock. The case is carved of fruit wood, giving it a light color and high polish finish. Of all the woods Beha used the fruit wood is the most desirable with collectors today.

372 catalog

This model is a model 372, a tightly carved motif with twisting vines, two wood peckers to the left ad right of the dial, a bird on the upper pediment in the twisting vines, and a ribbon at the base. These models with the tight twisting vines are very desirable and difficult to locate today. We are lucky to get one example of this carved style each year. This is the only model 372 we have seen outside the catalog… and are unaware of another example in any collection public or private.

Beautiful carved bone hands and bone numerals.

372 pendulum

The pendulum is one of the finest we have ever seen on a Beha cuckoo. Also done is fruit wood, with matching twisting vines and leaves with a bird centered on the bob, with a nice brass ad steel rod.

The movement is a traditional wood plate Beha movement from the period of 1880. The movement was just dismantled, cleaned, reassembled and regulated. The bellows are pipes are original, and we just had new leather put on the original tops. The bird is also original and plump, what you would expect from Beha.

372 movement

The clock has its original, backboard, weights, chains, gong, and is an excellent investment quality documented cuckoo clock made by the most desirable and famous of the cuckoo clock makers.

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Antique Black Forest Shelf Trumpeter Clock made by Gordian Hettich Sohn

1 blower main

Here is a nice architectural shelf trumpeter clock that was made by Gordian Hettich Sohn, in Furtwangen Germany, circa 1890. The brass plate spring powered movement is stamped G.H.S. F the traditional marking on the firm.

On the hour the large double doors open and a trumpeter figure appears while a trumpeters call is repeated once for each hour. The call is made of three notes on two horns.

This is a very nice example of a Black Forest trumpeter clock, retaining its original trumpeter figure and pediment top on the case.

We specialize in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks.

1 blower 2


1 blower back

1 blower stamp

Rare Beha Herrenhausle Antique Cuckoo Clock with Music Box and Bracket

herren main

Here is a beautiful Beha cuckoo clock we are restoring. The clock is in the very popular and hard to find “Herrenhausle” case. It was made by Johann Baptist Beha in Eisenbach, Germany, circa 1870.

This antique cuckoo clock has beautiful exotic veneer and two tone finish. While and Beha Herrenhausle cased cuckoo clock is rare, this one is spectacular with a matching bracket and 6 tune music box in the base. After the clock calls the hour with the cuckoo, the large music box in the base is activated and plays a musical tune.

More details to follow

herrren 1

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Extremely Rare Black Forest Musical Clock with Exposed Trumpeter Emilian Wehrle model #22

model 22 wehrle 1

Here is a extremely rare Wehrle we just received from Europe. We wanted to take some photos of this piece before the restoration, and then will update this post after the work has been completed.

This is the only model #22 Wehrle we are aware of, it has a beautiful case with a large exposed moving Säckingen figure on the top balcony. The clock also has a factory 6 tune music box in the base that is activated by the clock works. Its a miniature version of the Larger model #33 “Scheffel-Uhr” that can be found on the cover of the book, “Black Forest Clocks” by Rick Ortenburger.

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks, especially musical clocks (Trumpeter clocks, Flute clocks, Singing Bird clocks, and Rooster Clocks) made by Emilain Wehrle.

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Here are some more photos of the clock:


Model 22 Wehrle 2




Model 22 Wehrle 4





Model 22 Wehrle musicModel 22 Werhrle catalog


Last photo to show the size of this piece:

model 22 wehrle with cole

Another MONUMENTAL 5 Foot Antique Cuckoo Clock Under Restoration

60 hunter

Here is a peek at a project that we have underway. We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks, with a focus on these monumental size antique cuckoo clocks. This piece measures a full 60″ not including the weights, chains, or pendulum… this is all clock!

This example has a very traditional hunters motif with stag head and crossed rifles on the pediment. Large oversized heavily carved cuckoos door. Hunters horn circles the dial, with is further decorated with a carved center. The traditional hunters game, the pheasant and hare to the left and right of the dial. The hunters game bag, tassel, and a pair of quail at the base. This huge clock is sure to put a presence on any room. It would look magnificent in a cabin or a lodge above a rustic fireplace mantle.

Image the time it took for the humble carver in the Black Forest to hand carve this magnificent clock.

The clocks case is shown here fully restored and just back from our carver. All losses to the carving has been addressed and its now flawless. The movement is out for a service but will be back in the next couple weeks.

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Rare Beha Cuckoo Clock with Match Factory Bracket model 508 8 day Double Fusee circa 1880

beha 508 bracket 1
Here is a clock we just got in, and what a magnificent piece it is. This antique cuckoo clock was made by Johann Baptist Beha in Eisenbach, Germany circa 1880.

The clock is a model number 508, a motif of tight twisting grape vines and grapes. The vines actually twist and wrap and the leaves curl and wist. The 508 also has a cross on the top pediment with the vines twisting and wrapping around it. The case of this clock is carved in walnut and it retains its original warm finish.

The clock has a large wood plate movement made from beech and is powered by double fusees, giving the clock an 8 day running duration. Wind it once a week and forget about it.

The Beha model508 shelf cuckoo clocks are very collectible because they were made in far less numbers and are much harder to find then the more commonly seen model 512 and 509 clocks…but what really makes this piece special is it has an original matching bracket to display the clock on the wall.

Beha 508 bracket 2

The 512, 508, and 509 were offered with an optional matching heavily carved wall bracket for an additional cost… but very few were ordered this way because the firm also offered a wall version of each of these models for a much cheaper price then the shelf clock alone… then the bracket added an additional cost. If the customer wanted the clock on the wall a wall model would have been by far the cheaper option. This clock would have been ordered by a customer who wanted the best and was willing to pay for it. Today a clock like this belongs in an advanced collection.

In all the years we have been collecting, owning hundreds and hundred of rare clocks we have only had two carved Beha shelf cuckoo clocks with factory made matching brackets. The first was a model 509 with a 50 hour movement, and now this 8 day double fusee model 508. We know where there are several examples of model 509 and also 512’s with matching brackets in collections throughout the world… but this is the only 508 we have ever seen to date.

We have uploaded three photos of the clock here. We will be doing a video of the clock in action shortly. The clock has just undergone a service with the movement fully dismantled and cleaned, and new original style gut put on the fusees. The clock also retains its original hands, pendulum, and bird.

Beha 508 bracket 3

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for collectors worldwide. If you are looking to acquire that special piece for your collection please contact me at:

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Rare Black Forest Antique Cuckoo Clock with Sentry or Soldier Automata Circa 1890

sentry 1

Here is another rare piece. This shelf cuckoo clock is constructed like a large house or fortress. The cuckoo appears on the full and half hours through the window looking door in the top of the case.

What really makes this clock special is the sentry or solider that marches back and forth between the two columns or pillars as the pendulum swings. When he gets to the end of his march he does a 180 and proceeds to march back the other way.

This example is in excellent working condition and retains its original sentry and the lower automata mechanism, frequently removed or replaced.

sentry 2

sentry 3

This clocks is great because it has lots of visual action… a cuckoo that appears and calls every 30 minutes with the strike, and a sentry that marches back and forth as the clock runs… very complex.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. If you are looking to add that perfect conversation piece to your home or collection we can make it happen.

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Rare Antique Black Forest Monk Clock with Exposed Monk circa 1870


Monk roots mainHere is a rare piece we just acquired. The clock is a true Black Forest monk clock, not a bell ringer. Bell ringers call on the hour, where a monk clock will call the Angelus, or call to prayer, at 6 AM, 12 noon, and 6 pm.

The large wood plate three train movement has, time, hour strike, angelus strike, and automata complications… just like the examples made by Johann Baptist Beha.

The hour is called on a gong mounted on the back board, the Angelus is called (6 am, 12 noon, 6 pm) on two bells mounted to the top of the movement. The angelus strike is a correct strike, long and repetitious, with a pause, then repeated.

As the angelus is called the monk in the open archway comes to life in a brilliant automata display, appearing as if he is responsible for the call. The monk is also exposed, meaning he is always visible and not hidden behind a door. Exposed cuckoo clocks, trumpeter clocks, and monk clocks are the most desirable.

monk roots back

The case is also unusual, decorated in organic material to look like a rustic church. We have seen several of clocks with this case design, but they are all shelf clocks, and only simple “Bell ringers” without the exposed monk.

This is a museum quality piece for an advanced collector.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale, of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. Please contact me at if you are looking to buy, sell, or trade clocks like those found on our website.


A Rare Antique Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha Circa 1860 Tinplate in Bahnhäusle Case

1860 1

Here is a new acquisition.

This beautiful table cuckoo clock was made by Johann Baptist Beha, in Eisnbach Germany during the early 1860’s. The case style is just beautiful. The simplicity of the Bahnhäusle case is one of our favorites, and a rarity of itself in a shelf model.

1860 4

What really makes this clock special is the artwork… done on zinc. This is called a tinplate cuckoo. While the motifs vary between models this is one of the most desirable, a romantic motif with children working together to catch the cuckoo.

1860 2

The movement is a wood plate movement that runs for 50 hours.

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1860 3

Huge Heavily Carved Beha Cuckoo Clock with Exotic Cuckoo or Quail Complication circa 1900


Cuckoo or Quail

Here is a piece we just got in yesterday. What a magnificent clock!

Nearly all of the cuckoo clocks made by Beha are smaller in size. The beta firm really didn’t produce the large heavily carved wall cuckoo clocks that many other makers did, instead they focused on high quality carvings, unique motifs, and innovative complications. This is a clock that has it all.

First off the clock is huge for a Beha, measuring in a a full meter in height. Its over 2 feet across the pediment. This is the perfect size for a cuckoo clock. Its small enough to be displayed in a hoe with 8 ft ceilings (unlike some of our 5′ carved minter cuckoos)… but its big enough to put a presence on a room. It would look amazing in a cabin, in a lodge, rustic home, or any antique clock collection.

Big BehaThe motif is also very unusual. There is a large full relief grouse on the pediment in a motif of pine branches and full relief pine cones. The pine motif carries down the case of the clock with more swags of pine, full relief pine cones with a large full relief squirrel at the base of the case. The silhouette that the clock has against the wall is equally impressive and unusual.

The dial is large and clean and retains its original numerals and bone hands, these hands are not modern recarved bone hands but the originals.

The clock also retains its original weights, which are an unusual shaped pinecone perfectly matching the six pine cones carved on the case. The pendulum is also original with a matching pine motif.

Big Beha 3

The clock also has a huge bird. We have taken a picture of a US quarter laid on the double doors to give you a perspective of the size of the doors on this clock. The cuckoo doors are also original.

The clock also has a robust solid brass plate movement that is stamped “BEHA” on the bottom of the plate. These solid brass plate movements were available through Beha for a substantial up charge over the cheaper wood plates that were the standard offerings.

Big Beha 2

Everything described so far would alone made this a fantastic clock, but this clock also has an exotic complication that further sets it apart as an investment quality piece.

The clock has a rare complication called a “cuckoo or quail”. The clock has three pipes and bellows, and a lever that extends from the movement to the base of the case. By pulling on this lever the call can be changed from a cuckoos call to the call of a quail.

Beha used the quail in three different variations, a traditional 1/4 hour quail where the quail called the 1/4’s and the cuckoo the full hour, this is the most traditional. He also offered a half hour quail… where the clock would call the cuckoo on the full hours and the quail on the 1/2 hours… the call would chafe automatically. Lastly he offered a cuckoo OR quail, where the clock could be set to call with either the call of the cuckoo or the quail on the full and 1/2 hours. The last (cuckoo OR quail) is the rarest variation and the variation this clock is equipped with. We have owned multiple examples of every variation, with the execution of the cuckoo OR quail, this being the first we have every had the opportunity to own.

This is a clock that is available for purchase. Please contact me at for more details. We can deliver this clock safely worldwide.