A Magnificent Black Forest Heavily Carved Shelf Cuckoo and Quail Clock Reatoration  

Here are a few photos of a magnificent clock we are currently restoring. The carving work on this example is just spectacular. A large full relief eagle is on the pediment with an ibex running at the base. Lots of heavy carvings on this massive clock. All the carvings are done in walnut.

This shelf cuckoo clock also has a quail complication. The quail appears through the right hand door every 15 minutes to announce the quarter hour, the cuckoo calls the full hours.

The clock has a high quality three train brass plate movement that is powered by springs.

The case is large at about 30″ high and 18″ wide.

It’s shown here with the case fully restored. All the minor losses have been repaired and the case cleaned and waxed. It has a wonderful finish and glow.

We now just have to install the finely carved bone numerals on the dial, refit the movement and the hands. We expect to have the clock back together and running by early spring. We will update our website with additional photos and a video when the work is completed. 

Finding a large heavily carved cuckoo clock of this caliber is difficult, and a cuckoo and quail is very scarce. We specialize in the restoration, acquisition, and sale of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. If your looking for a special clock for your cabin,restaurant, home or collection we can help.

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Antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, circa 1890

Here is a nicely carved Black Forest cuckoo clock. The clock has a great motif with two lovebirds on the crest. The dial with enamel cartouches is just fantastic and hard to find. Condition is everything, and this clock is flawless. 

This clock is a great size measuring in at about 2 feet high… Perfect for someone wanting a high quality antique cuckoo clock to fit a small space. This is an affordable piece for some only looking to start a collection. 

The clock is very original with a lovely set of carved bone hands, the plump wood carved cuckoo bird has a moveable beak and wings. The movement has been freshly serviced and it is ready for years of enjoyment.

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A Monumental Antique 4 foot Hunter Cuckoo Clock circa 1890


We specialize in locating monumental antique Black Forest clocks for clients worldwide. This piece just arrived and is fresh to our inventory.

Carved in the Black Forest region of Germany circa 1890, the carvings and detail is just exquisite. 

The stag, pheasant, and hare are beautifully done and look real. A great large clock that will put a presence on the room, but at “only” 4 feet high this clock would look great in smalle let spaces vs. many of the larger 5 foot examples we offer. 

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We are also always interested in buying large carved cuckoo clocks in any condition. 

Monumental 5 Foot Antique Cuckoo Clock Circa 1880

This is a magnificent antique hunter cuckoo clock. The case is carved from colors walnut and it has a beautiful color. 

The large brass plate movement runs for 8 days on a winding. The clock is powered by springs, so there are no weights or chains on this example.

The clock measures over 52″ from the antlers down to the game bag, and over 30″ wide across the pediment.

We specialize in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of these monumental cuckoo clocks. 

If your looking for a museum quality example for your collection, home, cabin, or lodge… Contact me at Justin@blackforestclocks.org 

Rare Monumental 4 foot Black Forest Trumpeter Clock with Music circa 1890

We just got this magnificent clock in. This is a 4 foot high monumental heavily carved trumpeter clock with a music box. 

The clock calls the full and half hours on three horns, during the call the trumpeter figure appears through the first set of double doors. After the trumpeter call the second set of doors open reveling a man seated playing a zither. As these doors are open a music box plays. 

The clock was made by Gordian Hettich Sohn “GHS” in Furtwangen Germany, circa 1890. 

This clock is rare for several reasons. First the clock is large, 4 feet high with a  romantic motif. There are no dead animals in this motif… instead a large full relief eagle is on the pediment, the eagle has a 18″ wingspan. Below the dial a running hound chases a stag. 
The second reason this clock is rare is it is a trumpeter clock. Instead of a much more common cuckoo, this clock has three horns the reproduces the call of the trumpeter on the full and half hours. To find a blower style trumpeter clock in a case of this size is very rare.

Lastly the clock has a high quality music box that plays after the trumpeters call. Very few trumpeter clocks had music, in all the years we have been collecting we have only had two examples.

We specialize in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. If your interested in adding a investment quality clock to your collection contact me at: Justin@ Blackforestclocks.org 

Rare Musical Black Forest Clock Hunting Motif with Hounds circa 1890

    This new acquisition just arrived today from Europe. This is a beautiful and rare musical Black Forest clock.

The case is finely carved from walnut, measuring a full 2 feet high not including the weights, chains, or pendulum. The detail is exquisite. The motif is a hunting motif, popular with the Black Forest carvers, but this is an unusual variation with two hunting hounds to the left and right of the dial. The traditional stag on the pediment and the crossed rifles and hunting bag at the base.

What really makes this clock special is the musical complication. There is no cuckoo, there is no strike. Instead at the hour the large double doors open to reveal a man seated in a chair playing a lap harp. The movement powers a large two tune music box. 

Again no loud strike, no cuckoo, just two beautiful musical tunes. In all the years we have been collecting we have only owned two of these musical clocks. This clock was made by Gordian Hettich & Son, Furtwangen (GHS) at the end of the 19th century. 

The clock retains its original backboard with the tune sheet attached. One of the tunes is the “William Tell Overature”.

This clock is available to purchase and would be a wonderful. Christmas gift that would be appreciated for generations.

Contact me for more information at: Justin@blackforestclocks.org  


Rare Black Forest Miniature Sorg Clock Sorguhr Sorguhren


Over the years we have bought and sold dozens of rare Black Forest Sorg clocks, known as Sorguhrs… But this example is a clock that we have always held onto for our personal collection because it is so unusual. 

We have now decided to let this example go. If you are looking to add a rare Sorg clock to your collection, and demand a museum quality example… this is a unique opportunity. We will cover the details on why this example is so special below. 

First the size. This clock is tiny, noticeably smaller then a traditional Sorg. We have taken photos of this clock side by side to a normal Sorg to show the difference in the size. It is one of the smallest we have seen.

Second the movement has a very unusual alarm complication. The clock uses a third hand to set the alarm, a complex cam system releases the alarm at the appropriate time. While the tradition design of the alarm mechanism was much more simple to make, the clockmaker who made this clock wanted to showcase his skills with this complex design incorporated into such a small space. Mechanically it’s beautiful. 


The shields on traditional Sorg clocks are made from a thin embossed piece of brass over an enamel dial. This one is different. The shield and dial is thick brass that has been hand engraved with a floral motif. Two other almost identical shield designs that are both signed by Joseph Sorg himself can be found in museums. Our clock is the third example known utilizing this style of shield design. 

The British Museum, in London England has an example that is almost a matched pair. In fact the construction of these two clocks is almost identical including the unusual iron “stollen” that support the movement from the wall. This clock can also be seen in the book, In Die Neue Zeit, on page 8. 
This particular example we have in our collection is the only example we are aware of with an alarm complication of this design. More details on this clock can be found in the book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks.
If you are interested in adding this clock to your collection please contact me at: justin@blackforestclocks.org 

Huge Antique Cuckoo Clocks Bought Sold Traded


We specialize in rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. Our primary focus are on the monumental heavily carved cuckoo clocks made during the late 19th century. 

These huge carved pieces were made for customers with large stately homes, looking for an impressive “show piece” that would put a presence on a room.

Fast forward 100 plus years and these big carved antique pieces can still be located today… And we have the contacts to find you the perfect clock.

We speicilize  in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of these 3 foot, 4 foot, 5 foot, and larger clocks.

We are attaching photos of examples that we have acquired recently. If you are looking to add a clock like this to your cabin, restaurant, or home…contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org 
Worldwide delivery is available. 

We are also always interested in purchasing big cuckoo clocks in any condition. Contact me of you have a clock you are looking to sale. 



A Magnificent Rococo Table Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha, Circa 1870 Model 583

Beha 583 Front

This clock just arrived today and it is available to purchase.

This is a magnificent table cuckoo clock made by the famous cuckoo clockmaker Johann Baptist Beha, in Eisenbach Germany. This is a model 583, in a spectacular Rococo case. This is a really hard to find model.

Beha 583 catalog

The back board is numbered 583 and we have loaded the original image in our catalog. This is only the second example of this model that we have ever owned, the last was over 10 years ago.

Beha 583 Base

The clock is 24″ high and 15″ across the base. Beautiful carved details on all 3 sides.

The clock has its original bone carved hands, this are not modern re carved replacements but true originals. Original cuckoo bird and pendulum is also present.

The clock has a robust wood plate movement that has double fusses… giving the clock a 8 day running duration.

Beha 583 back full

The clock is currently running, calling, and keeping good time.. and it is ready to enjoy. We will upload a video of the clock in action shortly so you can hear it realistic cuckoo call and deep gong.

Beha 583 back

We are always interested in purchasing antique cuckoo clocks in any condition. If you have a old cuckoo clock you are looking to sell please contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

Monster 5 foot Antique Hunter Cuckoo Clock with Rare 8 day Key wind Movement, circa 1880

Here is a magnificent antique Hunter cuckoo clock. This monster 5 foot example measures 53″ in height and over 30″ wide. All the carvings are done in walnut, a hardwood. No Linden or soft woods were used on this clock. The case is very heavy compared to the 5’hunters carved in linden… And the finish is beautiful with the grain of the wood showing with a warm glow. High polish finish. 

The carving quality is exquisite. We have sold dozens of these antique monster cuckoo clocks , but very rarely do we get early examples like this… Definitely 19th century. Look at the detail on the pheasant, hare, and stag… All the animals are lifelike. This clock was carved by a master.

Probably most importantly this clock is fantastic as it is a 8 day key wind example. Almost all these antique large cuckoos have 30 hour weight driven movements… So they have to be wound daily, and care has to be taken where they are hung to allow for the weights and chains to decend. 

This example is different. It has a massive brass plate movement… At least two times the size of a standard antique quality 30 hour movement. It uses two large springs to power the clock for 8 days. Wind it once a week and forget about it. This was a very expensive feature when the clock was sold new. Because there are no weights or chains this clock can be displayed in many different spaces… Ex above a fireplace mantle. 

The movement is signed by Alexander Fleig a well known listed maker of high quality cuckoo clocks.

The clock has beautiful hands carved from bone and its original oversized plump wood cuckoo bird. This is an excellent example.

This clock is available to add to your cabin, restaurant, lodge, or home. Contact me at: Justin@blackforestclocks.org 

Worldwide delivery and flexible lay-a-way available.