Antique Black Forest Two Horn Spring Powered Trumpeter Clock circa 1890

2 horn 1

We just finished the restoration of this trumpeter clock and wanted to share it here. This is a two horn trumpeter clock that is frequently referred to as a “blower” or German Bugler”. On the full and half hours the double doors open to reveal a trumpeter figure. The clock then calls the hour with a simple two not charge, followed by a strike to the gong. At 12:00 you get 24 notes and 12 strikes.

two horn 2

The clock is a very nice two tone Bahnhäusle case. The movement is a traditional cast brass plate movement, the plates are secured with pins. The clock does not have weights but is powered by springs, a fester much more common in the shelf varieties.

We have taken a short 2 minute video so you can see and hear the clock in action.

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A Very Rare Black Forest King Drinker Automata Clock Located,King Gambrinus

Drinker main

We just acquired this Black Forest gem. These figural shelf automata clocks are some of the most collectible of all the clocks made in the Black Forest during the 19th century. There are several variations including the dumpling eater, magician, monkey shaver, Rat Eater, and King Drinker. These clocks all have large figures on the top of the case. On the hour or on demand these figures come to life with a wonderful automata display.

One of the most complex of these figural automatons is the king drinker. The figure depicts King Gambrinus, the patron saint of Beer. On the hour, or on demand by pulling the cord he comes to life.

He has automata to his mouth, eyes, The arm holding the large beer is double jointed in the shoulder and wrist, and the arm holding the chalice that is raised to his mouth.

The king pours himself a drink from the bottle to the chalice, then raises the refreshment to his mouth. His mouth opens as his eyes drop to look at the cup. This is repeated over an over again each hour.

Drinker back main

The clock has a robust solid brass plate movement, which gives the clock an 8 day running duration. The movement can be wound through the dial or also through the back of the case. The winding from that back allowed the clock to be placed in the window of a store to be used as a do spay to draw in business.

The clock was made by Winterhalder and Hofmeier, W&H made very high quality clocks and had a great relationship with the famous Beha cuckoo clock making family. Johann Baptist Beha was known to purchase these automata clocks and sell them to his customers.

This particular piece is a very fine example of a king drinker, and would be a show piece in any advanced Black Forest clock or automata collection.

This actual clocks was sold through Sotheby’s in London in 1953. With the clock we have an original photograph and description taken from that sale and a hand written note from the purchaser. The clock was imported into the USA shortly after this purchase and we acquired it from the owner. Great provenance!

Three set automata

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Rare Black Forest Trumpeter Clock by Lamy & Sons Furtwangen

Lamy main

Here is a rare Black Forest trumpeter clock that was made in the Black Forest region of Germany circa 1880.

While trumpeter clocks have traditionally been divided into two main categories: The large complex trumpeter clocks made by Emialin Wehrle and Jacob Bäuerle. The second group, the simpler trumpeter clocks that use cuckoo style technology, which were made by everyone else. This one is in a class of its own… an odd and rare bird.

Lamy back

The Lamy trumpeter uses complex movement. It is designed to have a single train provide both the strike and musical complications, and unlike a blower it does produce a short but complex musical tune. The clock uses a large wind chest that holds four musical reeds, very similar to a Wehrle. There is a pinned cam wheel located inside this sealed air chest that controls the air flow to the individual reeds, and the musical tune or charge.

This design is unique as far as we can tell to the Lammy firm. They appear to be the only maker to use this design, and these clocks are rare with only a couple surviving examples known world wide. Compare this to the thousands of “Blowers”, hundreds of Wehrle’s, and dozens of Bäuerle examples known to have survived.

lamy movement side

This is a clock that we owned years ago and sold. In a recent transaction we had the opportunity to acquire the clock back in a trade and we jumped at the chance. So here it is once again in our inventory.

The clock movement has just undergone a full overhaul. It was disassembled, cleaned, polished, and reassembled, oiled, and regulated. It shines like the day it left the Lamy & Sons workshop in the late 19th Century.

The case is large, measuring nearly 30″ in height and made from walnut. The design is a variation of the famous Bahnhäusle form, with some carved and gothic elements. The numerals and hands are original and made from brass. They have recently been polished and set the clock off nicely.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of Black Forest trumpeter clocks of all types and manufacture. If you are looking to buy, sell, or trade a trumpeter clock contact me at:

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Rare Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha Tinplate Augenwender with Exposed Bird

Exposed Augenwebder

This is a rare Beha cuckoo clock we recently acquired at auction. The clock has several exotic complications including an exposed bird, a painting on zinc (tin plate), and eye automata (augenwender). Its very rare to have all these complications in a single clock. In fact there are only 4 known surviving examples of similar clocks worldwide.

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A Pair of Magnificent Trumpeter Clocks made by Emilian Wehrle circa 1880

Pair Wehrle

We specialize in musical clocks made by Emilian Wehrle in Furtwangen, Germany. These include trumpeter clocks, flute clocks, Singing bird clocks, and rooster clocks.

We are always buying these clocks in any condition. Absolute top dollar paid.

Here is a pair of fantastic trumpeter clocks. The cases are nearly identical, mirror images of each other. The clock on the right is an 8 horn example, the clock on the left is a 7 horn. Both have the large three train 8 day movements.

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Our book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, is the most comprehensive overview of Emilian Wehrle and his musical clocks available in any language.

A Pair of Musical Black Forest Clocks made by Emilian Wehrle Flute Clock and Trumpeter Clock

Trumpeter and flute 1

Here is a pair of magnificent 8 day musical clocks made by Emilian Wehrle in Furtwangen Germany circa 1890. Both examples are found in the model 28 case.

The example on the right is a flute clock. The clock produces two complex musical tunes on 8 wood pipes. As the music plays a flute playing figure is seen behind the large double doors in the base of the case. This clock movement is a robust brass plate movement powered by springs, giving the clock a running duration of 8 days.

trumpeter and flute 2

The example on the left is a trumpeter clock. This clock produces a complex trumpeters call on 4 zinc horns. As the music plays a trumpeter playing figure is seen behind the large double doors in the base of the case. This movement is identical to the example in the flute clock, robust brass plate movement that has an 8 day duration.

flute back
trumpeter back

We specialize in locating musical clocks made by Emilian Wehrle for collectors worldwide. We are also always buying trumpeter, flute, sining bird, and rooster clocks made by Emilain Wehrle… in any condition.

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Magnificent Carved 8-day Shelf Emilian Wehrle Trumpeter Clock Circa 1880

Eagle main low res

Here is a Black Forest masterpiece. We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for collectors world wide. This clock was just located…

A. exquisitely carved Wehrle trumpeter clock, made in Furtwangen Germany circa 1880.

Trumpeter closed low res

The clock has a case that is 43″ high and 30″ wide. The carvings are absolutely fantastic. The large full reef eagle on the top of the clock is in mid flight, ready to swoop down to the florets floor to capture a meal. The case is further decorated with oak leaves, acorns, ferns, cattails. grasses, ivy, stones, and other elements. Everything is in full relief.

trumpeter dial

The dial is equally exquisite the four corners decorated with oak leaves and acorns. The numerals are carved from bone. The hands also carved from bone are original, and not modern recarved hands.

Trumpeter side

The side doors are also fantastic, with oak leaves and acorns wrapping to create a door to let the music escape.

At the top of the hour or on demand the double doors open revealing a double trumpeter figure where the clock produces a complex tune on 7 horns.

Trumpeter base

The movement in the clock is the largest the Emilian Wehrle offered. A solid brass plate three train movement that gives a 8 day running duration with time, strike, and musical complications.

While all Wehrle trumpeter clocks are rare and collectible, examples of this caliber are extremely difficult to find. While examining the original Wehrle factory records that have survived its easy to see why… They were extremely expensive…. originally costing nearly 3X what a 30 hour wall example would been priced at new.

trumpter back low res

Today when looking at the Black Forest clock collections you find many collectors that have nicely carved 30 hour wall examples, often multiple examples, but very few collectors have the large 8 day heavily carved shelf clocks.

We specialize in locating these impossible to find clocks for collectors worldwide. If your interested in adding that pinnacle piece to your collection lets talk.

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Rare Beha Cuckoo Clock with Half-hour Quail Complication Circa 1900

Beha half hour quail 1
Here is a special Beha cuckoo clock. This clock is known as a half-hour quail. The cuckoo will call the full hours, and the quail will call the half hours. A mechanism with a cam on the front plate of the movement automatically switches the call.

Beha half hour quail 2

Most cuckoo clocks with a quail call are quarter-hour quail clocks, where the quail calls the quarter-hours and the cuckoo the full hours. These clocks have two separate birds and use three trains to accomplish the task.

The half-hour quail clock has three bellows, but only uses two trains, and shares the same bird.

Beha half hour quail 3

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for collectors worldwide, including clocks made by Johann Baptist Beha of Eisenbach.

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Black Forest Bahnhäusle Two Horn Trumpeter Clock Circa 1900

Spring powered trumpeter

Here is a wonderful antique Black Forest two horn trumpeter clock we are restoring. The clock has a very nice traditional Bahnhäusle case with a two tine finish. The case is constructed out of linden wood with walnut trim and veneers.

On the hour the large double doors open exposing a trumpeter figure. The clock will call the full and half hours on two horns with a strike to the gong.

The movement is a high quality brass plate movement which is powered by springs.

We will update the site after the restoration work has been finished in about 6 weeks.

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for collectors worldwide. If you are looking to build a Black Forest clock collection, or just want that perfect piece for your cabin, restaurant, Lodge, or home, we can help.

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Huge Carved Emilian Wehrle Trumpeter Clock Circa 1880 with Eagle

Wehrle eagel 4 main
Here is a fantastic clock. This musical Black Forest clock was made by Emilian Wehrle in Furtwangen Germany, circa 1880. Exquisite carvings decorate the case. The case is over 40″ in total height, not including the weights, chains, or pendulum.

The case has a lovely motif of grape leaves and vines with a huge full relief eagle on the upper pediment. The bottom of the case has a trellis that continues with the motif found on the case.

Wehrle eagel 4 2

The clock is super clean and displays nicely. We just got it back together this morning. Cash gone over with our carver and finisher. Movement has been fully overhauled. Pneumatics all gone through with new bellows, gaskets and valves.

Wehrle eagel 4

We have taken a video for your viewing pleasure…

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Beha Cuckoo Clock on Matching Bracket Model 509

509 on bracket 1

Here is a absolutely magnificent cuckoo clock made by Johann Baptist Beha circa 1880. The clock is a model number 509. The carvings on this clock are exquisite.

The movement is a traditional wood plate 50 hour movement.

509 on bracket 2

What really makes this clock special is it has a FACTORY matching bracket. Very few Beha cuckoo clocks left the factory with a matching bracket and even fewer of then survived.

Beha 509 catalog

This is an excellent example of a rare Beha.

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for clients worldwide.

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An Oak Gothic Antique Table Cuckoo Clock Circa 1880

Gothic FJ Cuckoo 1

Here is a fantastic cuckoo clock. The clock has a magnificent oak case with extensive gothic details. Very elaborate from all angles. This is one of my favorite models.

This example has a roust brass plate double fusee movement giving the clock a running duration of 8 days.

Gothic FJ Cuckoo 6

This example was made by the firm FURDERER JAEGLER & Cie, the movement has all the attributes of FJ, and the traditional stamp for the firm can be seen cleaning on the backboard.

Gothic FJ Cuckoo 5

To learn more about the firm our book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks has a detailed overview of the firm and the clocks that they made.

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for collectors worldwide.


Rare Black Forest Shelf 3 Horn Trumpeter Clock with Drinking Motif

Three horn drinking trumpeter main

Here is a recent acquisition. This is a large shelf three horn trumpeter clock, made in the Black Forest circa 1890-1900. The clock is large for a shelf clock measuring in a 29″ in height.

The motif is unusual and will appeal not only to collectors of Black Forest clocks but also steins and other drinking memorabilia.

The clock has large stein on the top platform of the case surrounded with a detailed fence. The four finials are drinking goblets or chalices.

At the base of the case is a large set of double doors with two more goblets incorporated into the design on the door panels.

The trumpeter figure is carved from wood and retains its original paint. He has a trumpet in his mouth and a keg of beer over his shoulder. He calls at the full and half hours for another round of refreshment.

three horn drinking trumpeter back

The movement is cast brass plate movement that reproduces the buglers call at the full and half hours. A three note charge is repeated once for each hour. So 1:00 gets three notes, 12:00 gets 36.

Black Forest trumpeter clocks are very collectible and hard to find, especially in shelf cases. This large three horn example would make a fantastic addition to any advanced collection.

The clock retains its original finish and presents well. There is a few minor bumps to the case and finals but these are minimal. The movement could use a cleaning, but it keeps excellent time and has a strong trumpeters call as it is. The bellows/horn/reed assemblies are also original and not modern replacements.

This clock is available for purchase. We have included a video below giving and unclose look at the clock. If you are looking to add a fantastic clock to your collection contact me at

Another Huge 4 Foot Antique Black Forest Hunter Cuckoo Located

Hunter 4 fot main

We just located another antique carved monster cuckoo clock. This piece was made in the Black Forest right around circa 1900-1910. Carvings are excellent. Clock retains its original antlers, nice plump original cuckoo bird. The original pipes give the cuckoo a realistic deep sound.

This clock is considered a 4 foot example. Its actual measurements are 44″ high and 26″ wide. This measurement does not include the weights, chains or pendulum.

This would be an excellent clock for a cabin, lodge, restaurant, or rustic well appointed home… or any high end Black Forest clock collection.

We specialize in locating these huge carved antique cuckoo clocks for clients worldwide. Contact me at to inquire about our current inventory.

Hunter 4 foot 1

Magnificent Carved Huge Antique Black Forest Cuckoo and Quail Clock

Big cuckoo quail fox and deer

Here is another really large Black Forest clock. This heavily carved Black Forest clock was made circa 1890-1900. The carvings are exquisite.

The motif is very unusual and romantic, no dead animals, which is very difficult to find on these large clocks. Full relief carving of a family of deer with a proud standing buck is on the pediment. Two large full relief birds to the left and right of the dial, and a large full relief fox creeps on the forest floor looking up at the birds.

big cuckoo quail 2

The shape of the case is unusual, the base having a roundness to the carvings. The silhouette against the wall is just lovely.

This is a cuckoo and quail clock, so the quail will call the quarter hour every 15 minutes through the left door, the cuckoo calls the full hours through the right door. Nice plump wood birds with original paint.

Big Cuckoo Quail base

Big cuckoo quail dial

Big cuckoo quail side

The clock has been fully restored, the movement fully cleaned and serviced, and it is ready to enjoy. We can ship this clock anywhere in the world.

We specialize in locating large carved Black Forest cuckoo clocks for clients worldwide. If you are looking for that perfect clock for your home,cabin, restaurant, or lodge contact me at


Rare Emilian Wehrle Musical Black Forest Flute Clocks

Twin Wehrle Flutes

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for clients worldwide. We have the connections to locate the clock you are looking for.

Here is a photo of a pair of Emilian Wehrle 8 day, 8 pipe, two tune flute clocks. The clock on the left is in oak, the one on the right in walnut. Both are in the model 28 case.

Both these clocks were acquired in the past 30 days!

If you are looking to add that rare Black Forest clock to your collection email me at



An Antique Spring Powered Cuckoo Clock Based on the Beha Model 328

328 cuckoo 1

Here is a nice antique cuckoo clock. Excellent quality in the carvings. The motif is based on the original design done by Lorenz Beha. We have included a scan of his original design drawing in this post. The original can be found in the book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks.

328 cuckoo 10

The case is veneered in oak, all the carvings are done in walnut, a hardwood vs the much more commonly seen linden wood.

Very original clock complete with original bone hands, numerals, bone grommets in the dial, cuckoo pipes and bellows.

328 cuckoo 3

The movement is a high quality brass plate movement, thick plates. The plates of the movement have been nickel plated, something not commonly seem. The brass wheels were left brass, so the moment has a really nice two tone look to it.

We are unsure of the maker, but the clock was made around circa 1900 and is a really fine example of an Antique Black Forest spring powered cuckoo clock.

328 cuckoo 6

The pendulum, is really fine as well. Matching oak leaf  motif with a twisting vine at the base. The bob is mounted on an alternating steel and brass rod. The back of the bob retains its original leaded weight, a common feature on the spring powered wall cuckoo clocks.

We specialize in the acquisition of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. If you are looking to add an exception piece to your collection please contact me. We have a mailing list that we use to offer clocks that are available for purchase. Email me at to join the list.




Cuckoo Clock Repair and Restoration: A Rare Drop dial Beha Cuckoo Clock Restored

Drop Dial 3:11:14 After Main

Here is a rare Beha cuckoo clock we are currently restoring for a client in the United Kingdom.

The case has now been finished and is absolutely beautiful. We are now doing the movement and will have the work completed in the next few weeks. When it is done we will update our website with photos and a video of the clock in action… before sending it back to the owners in England.

Drop Dial 3:11:14 3

This rare cuckoo clock was made by Johann Baptist Beha in Eisenbach, Germany in the late 1860′s. The detail work in the carving is just exquisite. The carvings are all done in oak, the case has beautiful walnut veneers.

Drop dial 3:11:14 4

The case style is rare, collectors refer to this style of cuckoo clock as a “drop dial”, as the trunk of the case extends below the dial and the carvings. In the bottom trunk is a access door for the pendulum.

Dropdial 1

When we first got the clock the case was in very poor condition. The clock had extensive damage to the delicate carvings, while most of the main pieces were still with the clock …. there was extensive losses to much of the detail. Another problem was the breaks were not clean, with lots of splintering and losses at the point of breakage. The carvings also had extensive overspray of paint, giving the finish a very gray and dull color.

The broken parts to the case were carefully inventoried. Our carver professionally repaired the breaks, wood pins were used at each point of breakage. In many cases new wood was added at each breakage point to fill the gaps and losses due to splintering… no putty, resins, or fillers were used in the restoration.

All missing vines, leaves, details to the birds wings (and branch he was perched on) were re carved in the style of the original.




After the carvings were fully restored the clock was given to our finisher, who carefully cleaned the overspray, while preserving the original finish underneath. All the new wood was carefully stained with custom mixed pigments… matching the original carvings and finish… making all the repairs nearly invisible.

The brass was all polished, and the case and carvings waxed and buffed.

We specialize in the restoration of finely carved Black Forest clocks. We can bring your carved clock back to life regardless of its current condition.

Email me to discuss restoring that family heirloom or special clock in your collection.


Justin J. Miller

Miniature Black Forest Carved Clock Circa 1900

Mini carved 1

Here is a miniature carved Black Forest clock. These small timepieces belong to a subset of small Black Forest clocks that are very collectible today.

The clock has a carved shield in a rose motif. The clock is 6″ high and 4″ wide. The dial is 2″, complete with bone numerals and hands.

Mini carved 2

The movement is a small wood plate movement that measures only 2″ high and 1.5″ wide. It has brass wheels on steel arbors.

The last photo shows a small group of small Black Forest clocks, a Sorguhr and Jockele and a miniature.

Mini carved 3

We have taken several pictures of this clock for your viewing pleasure. We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for collectors worldwide, including these miniatures.

Mini carved 5Mini group

Rare Early Black Forest Emilian Wehrle Trumpeter Clock FULLY RESTORED

Wehrle 4 early

Here is a magnificent clock. This trumpeter clock was made by Emilian Wehrle in Furtwangen, Germany circa 1868.The clock has a beautiful carved walnut case. The carving style is early, true to the age. The pediment has a small stag head in the oak leaves and acorns, the base is done with twisted branches with a bird in its nest. The base of the clock is not flat, but is round. There was a lot of work that went into the carving of this piece.

Wehrle 4 early back

The clock has a wood plate two train movement that gives time and music complications on four horns. The clock has a large wind chest mounted on the top of the movement with a double pumping bellows system. The movement pumps the bellows generating the needed air pressure as the pinned music wheel rotates, opening and closing the vales in the correct sequence to reproduce the complex trumpeters tune.

Wehrle 4 early dial

This tune is played at the top of each hour or on demand. There is a primitive night shut off to silence the music at anytime.

Trumpeter clocks made by Emilian Wehrle are very rare and collectible. Most surviving examples are in unrestored condition. This example has been fully gone through. The case is beautiful, the movement has been dismtled and serviced, all the pneumatics were re done as well. The clock shows and operated flawlessly and is ready to enjoy.

Wehrle 4 early pendulum

We specialize in locating musical clocks made by Emilian Wehrle. We are always looking to buy trumpeter clocks in any condition for our collection and for our clients. We always have examples in our inventory.

Contact me at for more information on this piece or others we have available for purchase.


Justin J. Miller