Monster 5 foot Antique Hunter Cuckoo Clock with Rare 8 day Key wind Movement, circa 1880

Here is a magnificent antique Hunter cuckoo clock. This monster 5 foot example measures 53″ in height and over 30″ wide. All the carvings are done in walnut, a hardwood. No Linden or soft woods were used on this clock. The case is very heavy compared to the 5’hunters carved in linden… And the finish is beautiful with the grain of the wood showing with a warm glow. High polish finish. 

The carving quality is exquisite. We have sold dozens of these antique monster cuckoo clocks , but very rarely do we get early examples like this… Definitely 19th century. Look at the detail on the pheasant, hare, and stag… All the animals are lifelike. This clock was carved by a master.

Probably most importantly this clock is fantastic as it is a 8 day key wind example. Almost all these antique large cuckoos have 30 hour weight driven movements… So they have to be wound daily, and care has to be taken where they are hung to allow for the weights and chains to decend. 

This example is different. It has a massive brass plate movement… At least two times the size of a standard antique quality 30 hour movement. It uses two large springs to power the clock for 8 days. Wind it once a week and forget about it. This was a very expensive feature when the clock was sold new. Because there are no weights or chains this clock can be displayed in many different spaces… Ex above a fireplace mantle. 

The movement is signed by Alexander Fleig a well known listed maker of high quality cuckoo clocks.

The clock has beautiful hands carved from bone and its original oversized plump wood cuckoo bird. This is an excellent example.

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Large 3 Ft Antique Musical Cuckoo Clock, circa 1890-1900

We just finished the restoration on this large 3 foot musical Black Forest cuckoo clock. 

This is a wonderful example with a romantic motif… Meaning all the animals in the motif are alive. These large cuckoos with romantic motifs are very desirable with collectors today. 

The pediment has a full relief eagle, it’s wings spread, looking down at the forest floor. The pediment is further decorated with oak leaves which continues down to the lower case. 

Below the dial is a full relief running stag, tired with his toung out… He is being pursued by a hound who looks equally tired. Both animals are done in full relief really look great on the front of this large cuckoo. 

The clock also has nine hands, a plump wood carved cuckoo bird and a wood carved figure of a seated man playing a zither that appears as the music plays.

The movement was just fully serviced and is ready for years of enjoyment. We specialize in these large carved cuckoo clocks. If you are looking to add a 3 foot, 4 foot, or 5 foot example to your cabin, restaurant, home, or collection contact me. 

Magnificent Musical Gothic Trumpeter Clock made by Emilian Wehrle, Circa 1875, Monster 5 Foot Case



We are excited to share our newest acquisition with you here. This magnificent trumpeter clock was made by Emilian Wehrle in Furtwangen Germany, circa 1875. This clock has everything a collector looks for today when trying to locate the perfect Wehrle trumpeter clock for their collection.

First is size… this clock is huge. We have taken a photo standing next to this monster clock to give you a perspective of the size of this massive piece. The case is over 5 feet in height and weighs just a touch under 100 pounds. This is one of the largest of the Wehrle trumpeter clocks ever made.

Style…. A good Gothic case is one of the most desirable of the case styles to todays collectors. This Gothic is just beautiful. It is covered in the smallest details from top to bottom and side to side. The time it took the case maker to built this case out of oak in the late 1870’s is something to be appreciated and admired. This type of craftsmanship has sadly been lost.

Condition… look at the condition of this huge delicate clock. It has always been a treasure and respected as such. We completed a full restoration of the case to make it perfect, but it has always maintained its integrity.

Movement… the movement in this example is a robust, solid brass plate, three train movement. This is the largest movement Wehrle offered and was reserved fro his met expensive offerings. It was usually reserved for the clocks designed to sit on a table or a bracket (shelf cases), but it can also be found in his equally expensive when new wall cases. The movement provides time, hour strike, and musical complications. The music plays on the hour flowing the strike to the gong, or on demand. The musical tune is played on 7 horns as the large double trumpeter figures appear on the balcony.

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Monster Antique Musical Black Forest Cuckoo Clock circa 1890-1910

Here is a magnificent Black Forest musical cuckoo clock. This clock was carved in the Black Forest circa 1890-1910. Carvings are absolutely exquisite. All the carvings are done in walnut (hardwood)… There are no softwoods used on this clock. The motif is rare with the large grouse on the pediment. The hound is attacking the stamp head on. No dead animals makes this a romantic motif.

This one it all… pines, ferns, trees, ivy, mushrooms, layers and layers of carving.  Imagine the time it took for the carver to make this magnificent clock over 100 years ago. 

The clock measures over 5 feet in height, and 3 feet wide. The carvings extend out with a depth of 16″. It’s impossible to capture the size and quality of this piece in a photograph. 

After the cuckoo calls a large music box is activated filling the room with music. 

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of large Black Forest antique cuckoo clocks. If you are looking to acquire a magnificent Black Forest clock for your cabin, restaurant, lodge, home, or collection we can help.

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Huge 5 Foot Antique Black Forest Heavily Carved Cuckoo Clock 

This piece just arrived today. We don’t get these huge antique Hunter cuckoos often. This piece is an absolute monster. It measures   About 59   Inches in hight and 31inches wide. These measurements do not include the chains, weights or pendulum… This is all clock.

Imagine this monster cuckoo hanging in your cabin, lodge, or home. This piece is large enough to put a presence on a room of any size. If you have a great space a normal or even large cuckoo won’t cut it. These antique monsters are the perfect statement piece.

The pediment is adorned with a large stag mount. The crossed rifles are slung over his head with further decorations of oak leaves. Look at the detail on the stag, his antlers, and the two rifles. 

Further down the case is a traditional hunting motif with the life size pheasant and hare. They are strung up and tied to the left and right of the dial. The dial itself is huge, and is decorated with large hand carved bone hands. Exquisite details. The dial is circled by the hunting horn. 

The bottom of the case has the hunters bag, tassel and two small game birds also strung up after the hunt. 

The pendulum is an oak leaf in a circular design, is original and matches the clock. The weights are original cast iron pine cones. The cuckoo bird is plump and carved from wood retaining his original paint. He appears on the full and half hours behind a large carved door. 

The case of the clock and finish have been fully restored and the clock is absolutely beautiful. The movement just serviced and it’s running strong and ready for years of enjoyment. 

Imagine the time and skill it took the carver to carve this magnificent clock. Especially considering the lack of modern tools or equipment in the early 1900’s. It is the romance and stories behind each clock that interests collectors today. 

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Huge Antique Heavily Carved Black Forest Table Cuckoo Clock circa 1900

Here is a very large table cuckoo clock we just got in. The case is massive! It measures about 32″ high, 22″ wide, and 12″ deep. The carvings are all done in walnut and in full relief.

The whole front of the case is a massing one piece carving with two ibexes and a bucket. The large ibex on the top of the case is teathered to a post. It’s large horns are original as is the bucket below on the case. The caring salsa extend all the way around the case making this clock stunning from any angle. 

The clock has a high quality key wind movement, bone hands, and a plump wood cuckoo bird that sits on a wood base. This clock has its original finish and is untouched l. 

We just applied a coat of fine wax and polished it out. Beautiful finish and sheen. 

We have located this clock in a early Anton Schneider catalog from about 1900. This antique clock is from this well known Triburg maker that is still in business making clocks in a small workshop today. 

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Antique Beha Table Cuckoo Clock circa 1880

  Here is a beautiful example of a finely carved high quality table cuckoo clock clock, made by Johann Baptist Beha in Eisenbach Germany. 
Cuckoo clocks made by the Beha firm are the most desirable with collectors today. The quality of the clocks is unsurpassed. 

This example has everything a collector would want to find in a Beha cuckoo. 

The case is extremely well done. All carved from walnut. Look at all the twisting and wrapping grape leaves that creates this motif. The roof is carved like shingles, the sides of the case is heavily detailed. Just magnificent. Beautiful large double doors. 

The movement is a large with woodplates double fusees. This gives the clock a 8 day running duration. 

The clock retains its original cuckoo bird, original bone hands (not modern recarved), original pendulum, backboard, cuckoo pipes. It’s a great example of a Beha table cuckoo. 

This clock is available for purchase at the time of this posting. 
We are always buying, selling, trading, or restoring Black Forest clocks. 


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A Mint Antique Bahnhäusle Cuckoo Clock circa 1890-1900


This just arrived today from Switzerland. A beautiful example of a Bahnhäusle or railroad house cuckoo clock. We have owned many Bahnhäusle cuckoo clocks over the years, but this clock is a real standout.

Just look at the condition. All the wood trim is original as is the finish. The hands, numerals, pediment, finials, chains, pendulum etc all original a real nice survivor. 

The quality is also superb. Many of the Bahnhäusle cuckoos are cheaply made, chunky, clunky, and lacking refinement… Not this one.


The main case is carved from fruit wood. It’s tight grain a blond finish is really nice especially amoung a collection of big heavily carved dark clocks. The fruit wood finish is accented with darker high polish trim in burl walnut. The contrast between color and sheen really sets this piece off. The pendulum and weights are also original, the pendulum with s matching high polish burl “bullseye”.

From the outside this clock looks like a Beha model 124. The quality, coloring, finish all points to Beha. However the original brass plate movement is unsigned and can not be attributed to any firm. The case was obviously made by a high quality case maker that also supplied the Beha firm, typical of the cottage industry. 

This is a really nice affordable cuckoo clock that would look great in any environment.


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Exquisit Antique Shelf Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptsit Beha, circa 1873

 This magnificnet Beha cuckoo clock just arrived today. Look at the quality of the carvings and the rare motif. 
The clock has a motif with a snake on the forest floor with two rodents. A squirrel gathering acorns, and a mouse crouched on a stump. The snake is twisting and wrapping through the forest floor. Detail is exquisit. 

There is a beautiful carved wreath around the dial. With unusual flowers and leaves twisting and wrapping up sides of the case meeting together at the top forming the canopy. A large double cuckoo door is integrated into the carvings. The whole front carving is carved from a single piece of walnut.

Every inch of this clock is carved. The front carving is attached to the case with side and top hooks, true to the design Beha used in the period. The case is constructed of solid walnut with no veneers. This allows the case to be carved. The sides of the case are also heavily carved with the forest floor extending all the way around the case. Wooden branches up the back edge, and the main case sides and side doors also carved to look like a tree.

The roof is also carved not only on the top, but also on the underside. As we said every inch of the case has details from the carver. Imagine the time it took to construct this clock. 

This case was carved by Rupert Wehrle one of Wehrle ls best carvers in 1873. 

The movemet is a traditional Beha wood plate movement from the period and is complete with its original stop wheels… Almost always missing. The movement also retains its original pipes and bellows tops. We will be having the original bellows rebuilt with new leathers. 

The cuckoo bird is large and oversized, 50% larger then a typical Beha Bird. 
The backboard retains the labor from the form Camerer, Kuss & Co., almost with its original large 5 coil gong. The back board is also made of solid walnut. No linden was used in this clock.

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Large Antique Black Forest Hunter Cuckoo Clock circa 1890



Here is another fantastic Black Forest cuckoo clock we just acquired. This clock has fantastic carvings. The motif is a traditional Hunter but this one is over the top on the details.

Large stag head on the pediment with clusters of oak leaves. The dial has a fantastic full relief wreath. All the hunting accessories are carved below the dial… Two birds, a hare, the crossed rifles, game bag, powder horn etc.


Two full relief Roe deer mounts below the dial as well.

Clock retains its original oak leaf pendulum, iron pine cone weights, and plump wood carded cuckoo bird.

This clock is large measuring just a couple inches under 3 ft high. It would look great in your cabin, lodge, restarant, or home.


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