A Rare Antique Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha Circa 1860 Tinplate in Bahnhäusle Case

1860 1

Here is a new acquisition.

This beautiful table cuckoo clock was made by Johann Baptist Beha, in Eisnbach Germany during the early 1860’s. The case style is just beautiful. The simplicity of the Bahnhäusle case is one of our favorites, and a rarity of itself in a shelf model.

1860 4

What really makes this clock special is the artwork… done on zinc. This is called a tinplate cuckoo. While the motifs vary between models this is one of the most desirable, a romantic motif with children working together to catch the cuckoo.

1860 2

The movement is a wood plate movement that runs for 50 hours.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of Black Forest clocks. If you are looking to buy, sell, or trade Black Forest Clocks in any condition contact me at Justin@blackforestclocks.org

1860 3

Antique Cuckoo Clock: A Magnificent HUGE Black Forest Heavily Carved 3 FOOT Cuckoo Clock Circa 1890

3 foot 1

This Antique Cuckoo Clock is a new arrival into our inventory. This is a magnificent heavily carved cuckoo clock that was made circa 1890.

The clock has a fantastic romantic motif with a full relief eagle at the pediment with spread wings, its neck bend down looking at the animals at the base of the clock. The quality of carving on the eagle is fantastic and very life like.

3 foot 2

The base of the clock has a full relief carving of a running stag being chased by a hound.The animals are large protrude out from the case… this makes the clock look excellent from any angle. The detail work on the stag is also impressive. His neck arched back and his tongue out in distress. The rest of the case and pediment is further decorated with oak leaves and acorns.

3 foot 3

Just a beautiful clock that is sure to put a presence on the room. The size is perfect at 3 feet in height. This size is big enough to hang above a fireplace mantle for a statement piece, but small enough that it will look great in a room with 8 foot ceiling height.

3 foot 4

3 foot 5

The clock has its original weights and pendulums. Its original bone hands and pinned celluloid numerals. A plump original wood cuckoo bird, and a high quality cast brass movement that is original to the case. A very clean original clock.

The clock is a strong runner and is ready to be hung and enjoyed. We have included a scan of this model out of an original Black Forest makers catalog from the turn of the 19th century.



3 foot 6

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks with a focus on these large antique cuckoo clocks. If you are looking for a magnificent 3 foot, 4 foot, or even 5 foot antique cuckoo clock contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

3 foot 7


Huge Heavily Carved Beha Cuckoo Clock with Exotic Cuckoo or Quail Complication circa 1900

Big Beha

Here is a piece we just got in yesterday. What a magnificent clock!

Nearly all of the cuckoo clocks made by Beha are smaller in size. The beta firm really didn’t produce the large heavily carved wall cuckoo clocks that many other makers did, instead they focused on high quality carvings, unique motifs, and innovative complications. This is a clock that has it all.

First off the clock is huge for a Beha, measuring in a a full meter in height. Its over 2 feet across the pediment. This is the perfect size for a cuckoo clock. Its small enough to be displayed in a hoe with 8 ft ceilings (unlike some of our 5′ carved minter cuckoos)… but its big enough to put a presence on a room. It would look amazing in a cabin, in a lodge, rustic home, or any antique clock collection.

The motif is also very unusual. There is a large full relief grouse on the pediment in a motif of pine branches and full relief pine cones. The pine motif carries down the case of the clock with more swags of pine, full relief pine cones with a large full relief squirrel at the base of the case. The silhouette that the clock has against the wall is equally impressive and unusual.

The dial is large and clean and retains its original numerals and bone hands, these hands are not modern recarved bone hands but the originals.

The clock also retains its original weights, which are an unusual shaped pinecone perfectly matching the six pine cones carved on the case. The pendulum is also original with a matching pine motif.

Big Beha 3

The clock also has a huge bird. We have taken a picture of a US quarter laid on the double doors to give you a perspective of the size of the doors on this clock. The cuckoo doors are also original.

The clock also has a robust solid brass plate movement that is stamped “BEHA” on the bottom of the plate. These solid brass plate movements were available through Beha for a substantial up charge over the cheaper wood plates that were the standard offerings.

Big Beha 2

Everything described so far would alone made this a fantastic clock, but this clock also has an exotic complication that further sets it apart as an investment quality piece.

The clock has a rare complication called a “cuckoo or quail”. The clock has three pipes and bellows, and a lever that extends from the movement to the base of the case. By pulling on this lever the call can be changed from a cuckoos call to the call of a quail.

Beha used the quail in three different variations, a traditional 1/4 hour quail where the quail called the 1/4’s and the cuckoo the full hour, this is the most traditional. He also offered a half hour quail… where the clock would call the cuckoo on the full hours and the quail on the 1/2 hours… the call would chafe automatically. Lastly he offered a cuckoo OR quail, where the clock could be set to call with either the call of the cuckoo or the quail on the full and 1/2 hours. The last (cuckoo OR quail) is the rarest variation and the variation this clock is equipped with. We have owned multiple examples of every variation, with the execution of the cuckoo OR quail, this being the first we have every had the opportunity to own.

This is a clock that is available for purchase. Please contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org for more details. We can deliver this clock safely worldwide.

Antique Cuckoo Clock Rare Beha Cuckoo and Quail in Herrenhausle Case

Herrenhausle 1

Here is another Beha gem we recently acquired from Amsterdam. The case on this Beha is called a “Herrenhausle”, and it is one of the most desirable of the cases offered by Johann Baptist Beha.

The case is veneered in burl walnut with architectural elements to replicate a grand house. We love the gutter work, the chimney on the shingled roof and the windows.

Herrenhausle 3

This example is a three train cuckoo and quail example. The quail calls the quarter hours, the cuckoo the full hours. The birds appear behind the large glass windows in the dormer.

This clock is extremely original and a fantastic example of a Beha cuckoo in a Herrenhausle case.

Herrenhausle 2

Beha records show that only two 50 hour cuckoo and quail examples were ever made, and this is the only known surviving example of a cuckoo and quail in a Herrenhausle case. If you have proof of another we would love to hear from you.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks.

contact me: Justin@blackforestclocks.org

Rare Early Exotic Beha Cuckoo Clock with Exposed Bird and Eye Automata Augenwender circa 1860

Beha augen

Here is a absolutely fantastic Beha cuckoo clock. Its an early piece made by Johann Baptist Beha circa 1860. This clock is extremely exotic and has all the elements an advance collector looks for.

First the clock has an exposed bird. Instead of the cuckoo appearing behind a traditional door, this bird is large and sits exposed in the upper arch of the case. He is positioned so the front 1/3 of his body extends out past the arch into the room making him very prominent. He has articulated wings and beak putting on a wonderful automata display during that call.

Beha augen back

Next the clock has a beautiful oil painting on zinc of a lion. This is known as a tinplate cuckoo.

Lastly the clock has a eye turner or Augenwender complication. As the pendulum swings the eyes of the lion look left to right.

The clock is in fantastic original condition.

There are only four known examples of exposed cuckoo clocks with eye automata in this case style. All four have lions incoperated into the motif. We have been fortunate enough to have owned 2 of the 4 known examples. We sold a very similar example from our collection in early 2014.

We specialize in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. Our specialty are exotic cuckoo clocks made by Johann Baptist Beha and later his sons in Eisenbach, Germany.

Please contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org if you have an interest in selling, buying, or trading fine Antique cuckoo clocks.

Rare 18th Century Black Forest Musical Harp Clock circa 1790 Hackbrettuhr

Harp main

Here is a piece that has been in our collection for years. We originally found it in Switzerland from a picker who purchased it at an estate sale. The clock was complete and original but had not played in years.

The clock was sent to Germany and underwent a full musical restoration by the hand of Heinrich Engelmann. Now after many years of silence the clock plays again.

The clock plays 6 different complex arrangements on a stringed instrument. The similar to a flute clock the tunes are pinned to a large pinned musical. As this wheel rotates the hammers are raised and dropped in the appropriate sequence. The music sounds similar to a guitar or harp.

The shield is carved from wood and beautifully gilded in gold and silver and further decorated with translucent paints. The lower wood panel that protects the strings is fretted to let the sound escape into the room, it is further decorated with musical pipes.

We have included a video so you can see and hear the clock in action.


Rare Antique Beha Cuckoo Clock with Alarm Complication Gothic Case

Alarm Cuckoo 1

Here is a fine example of a Beha cuckoo clock with a rare alarm complication. The clock has a beautiful gothic case that is seen in the firms catalog as a model 361b. This clock is in untouched original condition, retaining its original bellows, pipes, even the leather on the tops is original.

The clock calls the full and half hours on the cuckoo with a traditional strike to the gong.The call is very realistic with a deep sod gong strike. The alarm is called on a bell this is located on the top of the movement. The alarm is set by rotating the center alarm indicator wheel, aligning the pointer on the back of the hour hand to the desired hour. When that hour passes a loud call is made to the bell.

Alarm Cuckoo 2

This was an attempt by the Beha factory to further improve the cuckoo clock design, but it must not have been successful as there are only a small handful of examples known today worldwide. This particular example is the most original that we have seen.

Alarm beha watermark
Alarm Cuckoo 3

This clock has been in our private collection for years, but is now available for purchase.

We have included a video showing the clock in action below… we have also removed the movement from the case to showcase its fantastic condition and unique design. This would be an investment grade Beha for any advanced cuckoo clock collection.

For more information please email me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

Antique Cuckoo Clock Model 328 by Johann Baptist Beha Circa 1880


We just acquired this fantastic antique cuckoo clock which was made by the famous Johann Baptist Beha in Eisenbach, Germany circa 1880.

The clock is a small but finely carved cuckoo clock with a wonderful fruit wood case. Cases carved in fruit wood by Beha are prized by collectors due to their light color, high polished finish, and rarity. Its one of the hardest of the woods to locate and gives a Black Forest clock collection some great variety in wood color/finish.

Beha328 2

beha328 3

The model is a 328 and seen in the Beha firms catalog. We have reproduced the full catalog from the Beha firm with the options/price lists in the appendix of our book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, check out our book for more information.

Beha 328 catalog

The model 328 is rare. This is the only example of a 328 that we have seen.

Beha 328 movement

The clock is very original. The clock retains its original finsh, bird, bellows and pipes, pendulum, chains, weights, etc. Just a great example of a Beha cuckoo.

We specialize in the acquisition and restoration of cuckoo clocks made by Johann Baptist Beha. If you are looking to add a Beha cuckoo to your collection please contact me at Justin@blackforestclocks.org

We are also always buying quality cuckoo clocks for our collection and for our clients worldwide.

Restoration of a Rare Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha circa 1867

We specialize in the restoration of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. This Beha cuckoo clock came to us from England earlier this year. The case was badly broken with losses to the caring. The bellows were in very poor condition, mechanically the movement was not complete and it had been years since the clock was in working condition.

We have just finished the restoration of the clock and want to share it with you here. If you have a special Black Forest clock that is in need of restoration, and you demand top quality work contact us at justin@blackforestclocks.org


Dropdial 1


Drop dial main 1

Here are a few more before and after shots of the clock and finally a video of it after the restoration:





dropdial 5



Drop dial close up after

Drop dial base after

Drop dial after back

drop dial pendulum

Antique Shelf Cuckoo Clock by Johann Georg Beha circa 1870 Hunter Motif

Johann George 1

Here is another fantastic shelf cuckoo clock. This cuckoo clock was made by Johann Georg Beha, a distant relative and apprentice of Johann Baptist Beha. Johann George Beha died at a very young age and very few of his clocks are known to have survived… making by Johann George Beha are very collectible.

Johann Georg 2

This piece is just fantastic. It is a shelf cuckoo clock with a hunters motif. While the hunters motif is very common in wall cuckoos, it is very uncommon to find this motif on a shelf clock. The case is carved from a solid block of walnut. The detail is fanatic, everything is done in full relief and the design is very a symmetrical… it is a carved masterpiece first and a cuckoo clock second. The door for the cuckoo pretty much disappears into the carving.

The bac of the carving is dished out to accept the wood plate 50 hour movement. The back door is hinged at the base and is secured to the case by two hooks.

This is just a magnificent example of an early carved cuckoo clock made circa 1870.

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for clients worldwide. If you are looking for a special piece for your home, cabin, or collection contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

3 Cuckoos

A Magnificent Documented Carved Shelf Cuckoo Clock

Large carved cuckoo

Here is a beautiful cuckoo clock. This clock was made in the Black Forest region of Germany circa 1890. The clock has several unusual features which really sets this clock apart from others.

The first feature is this clock is carved from a solid block of wood. Where most cuckoo clocks are constructed with carvings applied to a wood box like frame, this piece is different. The case is a single piece carving that has been dished out from the rear to accept the brass plate movement. This case style is frequently seen in the swiss carved “Black Forest” clocks that have french movements, but it was not a design generally used by Black Forest makers… making this clock quite a rare piece.

The carving quality is just magnificent. The two large deep on the top of the clock are done in full relief. Excellent detail, and they retain their original wood carved antlers. The deer are large, the stinging stag is 13″ in heigh alone. The clock has a total height of 27″.

cuckoo book

This identical clock was photographed in the 1980’s and selected to be included in the 1991 book, Black Forest Clocks, by Rick Ortenburger. Today this clock is instantly recognizable by collectors worldwide because of this provenance.

We specialize in the sale and acquisition of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks. We are especially interested in acquiring high quality carved cuckoo clocks.

If you are looking to buy, sell, trade high quality Black Forest clocks please contact met at: Justin@blackforestclocks.org

Another Huge Black Forest Antique Cuckoo Clock For Sale

Water Hunter


Here is another fantastic piece we recently acquired. This cuckoo clock is large measuring one meter in height. The case is carved in walnut and features an unusual hunters motif.

Instead of the traditional stag on the pediment with crossed rifles this example has a large full relief eagle. There are no oak leaves on this clock instead you will find cattails, grasses, ivy and other water plants. No powder horn around the dial or game pouch at the base.

water hunter 2

The traditional hare seen down the left ind side of the case is a one piece carving including the powder horn the rope that is tied around his leg is fully cut through and wraps around the branch that extend out of the case above.

On the right side of the case is a water fowl. Excellent carving and a nice variation from the traditional pheasant.

water hunter 3

This large cuckoo clock would be perfect for a cabin lodge or restaurant. It is large enough it put a presence on the room, but still small enough to look proportional in a house with 8 foot ceilings.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of high quality antique cuckoo clocks (and other antique Black Forest Clocks). Our specially is antique pieces in 3 foot, 4 foot, and 5 foot sizes.

If you are looking to buy or sale an antique cuckoo clock please contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

A Magnificent Heavily Carved Black Forest 8 Day Shelf Cuckoo Clock Circa 1890

Large carved shlef cuckoo 1

Here is a magnificent shelf cuckoo clock. The clock is large. It measures in at 29″ tall and 21″ wide across the case.

The carving detail and motif is excellent. The clock features 3 full relief ibex. One is standing on the top of the clock, the other on a rocky ledge above the chateau, the third is standing on the forest floor in the trees. All the ibexes are carved in full relief.

At the bottom of the forest in a clearing is a Chateau. The details include all the windows, stairs, porch, and thatched roof.

The movement is a large robust movement that uses a single fusee on the strike train. The clock has an 8 day running duration per winding.

Large Carved Shelf Cuckoo 2

This large shelf cuckoo would be perfect for a cabin, lodge or large home. Because of its size it can be displayed and put a presence on any size room.

We specialize in the acquisition sale and restoration of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for our own collection and for our clients worldwide.

If you are interested in buying selling or trading high quality antique cuckoo clocks contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

Rare Black Forest Miniature Automata Picture Clock Jockele Augenwender

Jockele augenwebder

This is a magnificent early Black Forest miniature. Based on the measurements of the movement the clock is classified as a Jockele.

The clock has a primitive painting of a woman on zinc. As the pendulum swings her eyes move left to right. This complication is known as an eye turner in English or an Augenwender in German.

The clock has a beautiful frame constructed out of embossed brass.

The tiny enamel dial is only 2.25″ the dal has its original thick iron hands.

The clock was made in the Black Forest region of Germany circa 1850.

This identical clock has been documented in two major publications. The first is the 1991 book Black Forest Clocks by Rick Ortenburger. Most recently is has been featured in the text Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks.

We specialize in the acquisition, sale, and restoration of rare and unusual Black Forest clocks.

Highest prices are paid for choice pieces.

email me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

Another Magnificent 8 day shelf Emilian Wehrle Black Forest Trumpeter Clock Located

cole and wehrle

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of Musical clocks made by Emilian Wehrle. These include trumpeter clocks, flute clocks, rooster clocks, and singing bird clocks.

This is a magnificent example of Emilians Work from the late 19th century. The neoclassical case is 49″ high and the details are almost endless. The clock uses a large robust brass plate movement to give the clock time, strike, and musical complications. On the hour or on demand the clock will play one of 4 complex musical tunes on 8 horns, yes you heard correctly, 4 tunes. The clock has two pinned music wheels each pinned with two tunes.

This clock was just located in the upper peninsula of Michigan. It was ordered new from Emilian Wehrle in the late 1800’s and has been on display in the family jewelry store ever since. With the clock comes decades of provenance of their ownership.

If you have a musical clock made by Emilian Wehrle or if you are looking to add an example to your collection contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

We have taken a short video showing two of the tunes the clock plays.


Antique Black Forest Two Horn Spring Powered Trumpeter Clock circa 1890

2 horn 1

We just finished the restoration of this trumpeter clock and wanted to share it here. This is a two horn trumpeter clock that is frequently referred to as a “blower” or German Bugler”. On the full and half hours the double doors open to reveal a trumpeter figure. The clock then calls the hour with a simple two not charge, followed by a strike to the gong. At 12:00 you get 24 notes and 12 strikes.

two horn 2

The clock is a very nice two tone Bahnhäusle case. The movement is a traditional cast brass plate movement, the plates are secured with pins. The clock does not have weights but is powered by springs, a fester much more common in the shelf varieties.

We have taken a short 2 minute video so you can see and hear the clock in action.

We specialize in the restoration and sale of Trumpeter clocks. If you are looking to add an example to your collection contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

We are also always buying these clocks in any condition.


A Very Rare Black Forest King Drinker Automata Clock Located,King Gambrinus

Drinker main

We just acquired this Black Forest gem. These figural shelf automata clocks are some of the most collectible of all the clocks made in the Black Forest during the 19th century. There are several variations including the dumpling eater, magician, monkey shaver, Rat Eater, and King Drinker. These clocks all have large figures on the top of the case. On the hour or on demand these figures come to life with a wonderful automata display.

One of the most complex of these figural automatons is the king drinker. The figure depicts King Gambrinus, the patron saint of Beer. On the hour, or on demand by pulling the cord he comes to life.

He has automata to his mouth, eyes, The arm holding the large beer is double jointed in the shoulder and wrist, and the arm holding the chalice that is raised to his mouth.

The king pours himself a drink from the bottle to the chalice, then raises the refreshment to his mouth. His mouth opens as his eyes drop to look at the cup. This is repeated over an over again each hour.

Drinker back main

The clock has a robust solid brass plate movement, which gives the clock an 8 day running duration. The movement can be wound through the dial or also through the back of the case. The winding from that back allowed the clock to be placed in the window of a store to be used as a do spay to draw in business.

The clock was made by Winterhalder and Hofmeier, W&H made very high quality clocks and had a great relationship with the famous Beha cuckoo clock making family. Johann Baptist Beha was known to purchase these automata clocks and sell them to his customers.

This particular piece is a very fine example of a king drinker, and would be a show piece in any advanced Black Forest clock or automata collection.

This actual clocks was sold through Sotheby’s in London in 1953. With the clock we have an original photograph and description taken from that sale and a hand written note from the purchaser. The clock was imported into the USA shortly after this purchase and we acquired it from the owner. Great provenance!

Three set automata

We specialize in locating rare and unusual Black Forest clocks for collectors worldwide. If you are interested in adding that museum clock to your collection contact me at Justin@blackforestclocks.org

We are also always purchasing clocks like these shown on our website for our own collection and for our clients worldwide.

Rare Black Forest Trumpeter Clock by Lamy & Sons Furtwangen

Lamy main

Here is a rare Black Forest trumpeter clock that was made in the Black Forest region of Germany circa 1880.

While trumpeter clocks have traditionally been divided into two main categories: The large complex trumpeter clocks made by Emialin Wehrle and Jacob Bäuerle. The second group, the simpler trumpeter clocks that use cuckoo style technology, which were made by everyone else. This one is in a class of its own… an odd and rare bird.

Lamy back

The Lamy trumpeter uses complex movement. It is designed to have a single train provide both the strike and musical complications, and unlike a blower it does produce a short but complex musical tune. The clock uses a large wind chest that holds four musical reeds, very similar to a Wehrle. There is a pinned cam wheel located inside this sealed air chest that controls the air flow to the individual reeds, and the musical tune or charge.

This design is unique as far as we can tell to the Lammy firm. They appear to be the only maker to use this design, and these clocks are rare with only a couple surviving examples known world wide. Compare this to the thousands of “Blowers”, hundreds of Wehrle’s, and dozens of Bäuerle examples known to have survived.

lamy movement side

This is a clock that we owned years ago and sold. In a recent transaction we had the opportunity to acquire the clock back in a trade and we jumped at the chance. So here it is once again in our inventory.

The clock movement has just undergone a full overhaul. It was disassembled, cleaned, polished, and reassembled, oiled, and regulated. It shines like the day it left the Lamy & Sons workshop in the late 19th Century.

The case is large, measuring nearly 30″ in height and made from walnut. The design is a variation of the famous Bahnhäusle form, with some carved and gothic elements. The numerals and hands are original and made from brass. They have recently been polished and set the clock off nicely.

We specialize in the acquisition, restoration, and sale of Black Forest trumpeter clocks of all types and manufacture. If you are looking to buy, sell, or trade a trumpeter clock contact me at: Justin@blackforestclocks.org

Our book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, gives the most comprehensive look at Black Forest trumpeter clocks in any language. It also provides a comprehensive look at Emilian Wehrle and his musical clocks.





Rare Cuckoo Clock by Johann Baptist Beha Tinplate Augenwender with Exposed Bird

Exposed Augenwebder

This is a rare Beha cuckoo clock we recently acquired at auction. The clock has several exotic complications including an exposed bird, a painting on zinc (tin plate), and eye automata (augenwender). Its very rare to have all these complications in a single clock. In fact there are only 4 known surviving examples of similar clocks worldwide.

We specialize in buying, selling, restoring, and trading cuckoo clocks made by Johann Baptist Beha. Contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org

A Pair of Magnificent Trumpeter Clocks made by Emilian Wehrle circa 1880

Pair Wehrle

We specialize in musical clocks made by Emilian Wehrle in Furtwangen, Germany. These include trumpeter clocks, flute clocks, Singing bird clocks, and rooster clocks.

We are always buying these clocks in any condition. Absolute top dollar paid.

Here is a pair of fantastic trumpeter clocks. The cases are nearly identical, mirror images of each other. The clock on the right is an 8 horn example, the clock on the left is a 7 horn. Both have the large three train 8 day movements.

Contact me at justin@blackforestclocks.org to buy sell or trade trumpeter clocks.

Our book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, is the most comprehensive overview of Emilian Wehrle and his musical clocks available in any language.