A Rare Black Forest Shiled Automata Jacks and Bells Glockenschläger

This is the newest addition to our permanent collection. This is an early form of Black Forest automata known as a Glockenschläger. It was made in the Black Forest C. 1830.

Located above the dial is a large cutout in the shield. Inside the cut out is a group of three carved painted men holding hammers known as “jacks”. Postioned next to each figure is a large bronze bell.

This automata is a quarter-hour clock, so the figures strike the bells every 15 minutes.

The two lower figures are used to call the quarter hours, the upper figure calls the full hour.

Even when the clock is not in action the large shield with the multiple figures and bells put on a very impressive display.

We have taken a video to give you a closer look at the clock.

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