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This is a one stop resource for all things related to Black Forest horology.

In the near future this store we will offer a wide variety of items related to Black Forest horology.

This will include a  small selection of quality antique Black Forest Clocks that have been de-acquisitioned from our private collection, as availible.

We will also be accepting quality Black Forest clocks on consignment.

If you are looking to expand your library, look no further. We will soon be offering a wide variety of literature on the subject, including many German texts which are difficult to locate.

We have developed relationships with many authors, and have arranged for author signed copies to be available through this store.

A small sampling of select catalogs will also be available, professionally reproduced out of our archives. These reproduction catalogs will provide an excellent reference without having to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for the original paper items.

Please keep checking back as we will do our best to get this store opened as soon as possible.


Justin J. Miller

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